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$25 computer has ARM11 processor and HDMI

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
$25 computer has ARM11 processor and HDMI
$25 computer has ARM11 processor and HDMI

The Raspberry Pi Foundation Foundation has set itself the target of promoting education in computer science and related subjects, as well as bring back the fun in working with computers.


To make this possible and to ensure that computers are accessible to everyone, the Raspberry Pi Foundation developed an ultra-low-cost computer allowing pupils to easily learn about programming. Of course the computer can have many other uses. The computer is expected to cost only $ 25 when mass produced.


The little computer system is about the size of a USB stick and includes USB and HDMI connectors allowing a TV and a keyboard to be connected straight away. SD/MMC card connectors are also available. The computing power is supplied by an ARM11 microprocessor running at 700 MHz. 128 MB SDRAM memory is available. The HDMI output is capable of driving a full HD display with 1080p30 resolution. Ubuntu Linux is the suggested operating system.


The picture shows the ease of connecting a 12 Mpixel camera module on top of the computer board.

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