Two new Bluetooth Smart SoCs from Broadcom

May 21, 2014 | 22:26
Two new Bluetooth Smart SoCs from Broadcom
Two new Bluetooth Smart SoCs from Broadcom

Broadcom have introduced two new system on chip (SoC) controllers intended for integration into peripheral equipment such as remote controller handsets, keyboards and mice which interface to digital TVs, Over The Top (OTT) boxes, set-top boxes (STBs), PCs and tablets. The BCM20734 and BCM20738 are the first SoC chips with both Bluetooth smart and Bluetooth Classic connectively built-in.

Key Features:

• BCM20734 is the industry's first dual-mode chip that enables keyboards and mice to interact with computing platforms over either Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Classic

• BCM20734 integrates ADC support for voice search capability and reduces the BOM for OEMs

• BCM20738 offers OEMs a low-cost solution for single-mode Bluetooth Smart devices

• BCM20734 and BCM20738 do not require a second crystal to stay connected during longer periods of device inactivity for additional reduction in system cost

• BCM20734 and BCM20738 application development kits (ADKs) enable developers to create varied applications

• BCM20734 and BCM20738 support Windows and Android host devices Availability

The Broadcom BCM20734 and BCM20738 Bluetooth Smart chips, reference designs and ADKs are currently sampling with customers.

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