High sensitivity Accelerometer Family

August 4, 2014 | 23:22
High sensitivity Accelerometer Family
High sensitivity Accelerometer Family

Freescale have introduced a new range of 3-axis accelerometers offering high sensitivity at low power consumption. According to Freescale the FXLN83xxQ family is capable of detecting acceleration information often missed by less accurate sensors commonly used in consumer products such as smartphones and exercise activity monitors. In conjunction with appropriate software algorithms its improved sensitivity allows the new sensor to be used for equipment fault prognostication (for predictive maintenance), condition monitoring and medical tamper detection applications.

The 3 x 3 mm chip has a bandwidth of 2.7 kHz and uses analog output signals for direct connection to a microcontroller’s ADC input. Each chip has two levels of sensitivity which can be changed on the fly. The complete family covers acceleration ranges of +/-2, +/-4, +/-8 and +/-16 g, with gains of, 229.0, 114.5, 57.25 and 28.62 mV/g respectively. Zero g is indicated by an output level of 0.75 V.

The FXLN83xxQ family:

  • FXLN83x1Q +/-2 or +/-8 g range
  • FXLN83x2Q +/-4 or +/-16 g
  • FXLN836xQ 1.1 kHz X and Y axis bandwidth (Z=600Hz)
  • FXLN837xQ 2.7 kHz X and Y axis bandwidth (Z=600Hz)

The sensors operate from 1.71 to 3.6 V (at 180 microamps typically, 30nA shutdown). The company has also made available the DEMOFXLN83xxQ evaluation break-out board with a ready-mounted sensor to simplify device integration into a test and development environment.

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