LeGion Halves Phone Charge Times

May 8, 2014 | 07:48
LeGion Halves Phone Charge Times
LeGion Halves Phone Charge Times

The Legion intelligent USB charge monitoring device from PLX Devices Inc fits between your phone or tablet and charger to monitor the charging current and uses a PLX Charge Accelerator circuit to signal the mobile device to safely draw the maximum amount of charge possible resulting in reduced charge times.

According to their published test results, owners of iPad, iPhones and Android devices can expect to see reduced charging times (up to 92 % for iPhone4S/4) where their batteries are initially in a state of partial discharge i.e. with 20 to 60 % charge remaining. The Legion also functions as a DVM to indicate on its integrated OLED display the charging voltage, current, power and milliwatt hours. The device installs in seconds and is fully plug and play.

Legion Meter's intelligent algorithms learn how you're using your devices and calculates your energy usage at roughly 500 times/second giving you accurate power metering. Legion Meter's high contrast OLED display shows you precisely your USB port's voltage, current, power and also includes a precise mAh capacity meter counter for you to diagnose the batteries of all of your portable electric devices. Legion Meter also uses automatic screen saver mode, a double buffering graphics processor for seamless OLED transitions and intelligent battery monitoring algorithms.

The idea has certainly struck a chord, PLX Devices have chosen Kickstarter to fund the design and three days in, they have already been pledged over seven times their $10,000 target.

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