Mind 42.195

Neutrality, a listening ear and rational decisions that everyone can understand; are those the qualities that make it possible that one man or woman can make the difference? If anything then the array of existing interests, the multi faceted possibilities, the differences in visions or targets, the duel between idealism and reality and the lack of endurable patience while making visible but slow progress and of course the economical uncertainties form a display of complexity.

How can the average citizen get more or less a reasonably clear picture of his energy future? For him it is like watching from some distance the traffic around the Arc de Triomphe. Excuses, mr. Homann for the French example. Everybody comes from a certain direction and heads for another of which there are a lot. Some drivers seem to just circle around waiting for their electronic navigator to make contact with a satellite. The difference with the real energy world is that there is no Arc the Triomphe, at least not one that is already on the map. The energy future is under construction and not yet to admire.

In this week’s main feature Paul Hockenos lets us get acquainted with the view and approach of Mr. Jochen Homann, president of the Federal Network Agency of Germany, regarding the country’s directionality to the energy future. The way he is tackling the complicated problem breathes naturalness: Value all options, but do not get confused or distracted, for rationality and an explainable weighing out pave a firm road to what ever will mark the finish line.