Jeff Bezos has presented a model of a lunar lander and with that also his vision for the future. The founder of Amazon wants to exploit the moon and its resources. The lunar module is suitable for transporting lunar cars and possibly even humans. He also has an idea for refuelling lunar vehicles.

The so-called Blue Moon can carry some 6.5 tons of cargo. That amounts to four lunar vehicles, scientific equipment and possibly a crew. The colossus will be shot into the air using a rocket with hydrogen as the fuel.

The lunar lander will probably fly to the lunar poles, where the craters have water deposits in the form of ice. The new lunar module will tap into these reserves. "We can produce liquid hydrogen from the water on the Moon and refuel vehicles on the lunar surface", says Bezos.

Already a year ago, Bezos stated that Blue Origin is his most important project. He considers that the development of space is essential to prevent a future energy crisis. The Moon is nearby and attractive because of its resources.

The government of Donald Trump has moved the focus of American space travel from Mars to the Moon. The last time that the American astronauts of the "Apollo 17" mission landed on the moon was in 1972. At the end of March, the government announced that within five years the US wants to send astronauts to the moon, including a woman. If necessary, commercial partners will also be brought into action to achieve these goals.