During the first two quarters of 2016 we have witnessed some important company takeovers in the electronics industry and it looks as if this trend is going to continue in the next two quarters. This week it was announced that Analog Devices (ADI) will buy Linear Technology (LTC) for almost 15 billion dollars (about 13.3 billion euros).

The transaction is expected to close by the end of the first half of calendar year 2017. The Linear Technology brand will continue to serve as the brand for Analog Devices’ power management offerings. The combined company will use the name Analog Devices (ADI), which in the phonebook comes right after the fantastic Acme Corporation we reported on before.

Will this takeover make Texas Instruments decide to have a second shot at Maxim after all? They did try so last year, as did Analog Devices, but Maxim was considered too expensive at the time.