The Arduino UNO R4 builds on probably the most popular maker form factor, and delivers a whole host of new features, capabilities, and benefits. But what are they all and are they ready to go? Join us live on June 28 at 4:00 PM (Berlin) to pose your questions directly to Arduino and Renesas in this week's Engineering Insights show. 

Get to Know the Arduino UNO R4

Arduino has announced the UNO R4. But rather than deliver an upgrade to this maker staple, they've turbocharged it! Fitted out with a 32-bit microcontroller from Renesas and offering a version with Wi-Fi connectivity, never before has so much been packed into this Arduino form factor.

Naturally, hundreds of questions arise regarding this new board, from library support for shields to how much performance it offers. And thankfully, the answers are not that far away. Stuart Cording, our Electronics Reporter, has managed to get those in the know onto his Elektor Engineering Insights show so that you can get the details from those who built the board. First up will be Alessandro Ranellucci, VP and Head of Arduino Makers. With a long history in open source and deeply integrated into the maker community as a curator with Maker Faire Rome, he'll have the low down on the new UNO R4 and the status of software support. Joining him will be Robert Nolf, System Architect, EMEA Systems Solutions Team (SST), from Renesas. With their RA4M1 microcontroller at the heart of the board, Robert will be able to explain the device's technical capabilities and how it was integrated into the UNO form factor while retaining the same pinout. He'll also be able to cover how users could transition their designs to their own boards.
Arduino R4 minima
Arduino UNO R4 minima
arduino uno r4 wifi
Arduino UNO R4 WiFi
Of course, community feedback is essential with announcements like this, which is why we've invited DIY Chris and Max Imagination to offer their thoughts and pose their questions. Will they see the benefits of the UNO R4, and do they have any projects that they will build with it?

This Engineering Insights show goes live at 16:00 CET this Wednesday, June 28th here on YouTube. Alternatively, use the same link to watch it at a time that suits you! 

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