Sometimes you get really odd projects touted on crowd-funding sites. One such novel ‘device’ that appeared recently on Indiegogo promises free electrical power, I think I’ve seen one of these before, if I remember correctly it was titled something like ‘So-Called Alternator Magic’ (SCAM) device. This particular ‘Without fuel generator Tesla on 4 kW’ device has been posted by Yuri Yurin who hails from the Ukraine, he describes his invention as:

It is enough to classify all developments without fuel energy. We also want to be independent.
We have a prototype without a fuel generator with which power of 4 kW. It must be earthed.
Still there is a prototype without a fuel generator with a power of 3 kW. It is without grounding.
Both generators will supply themselves with energy after the start. A similar technology of a large generator with a capacity of 100 kW was patented in Turkey.

He can be seen and heard here conducting trials out in the field.

Assembled on a small table you can see a collection of devices including an open-frame switched mode power supply, a bulky toroidal transformer, PC cooling fans, power outlets and a multi-colored coil assembly, oh and a large safety warning sticker, the only things missing are the smoke generators and mirrors. Your guess as to how it’s supposed to work is probably just as good as mine. Why ‘Tesla’? Well, there is a rather large coil (next to the small ferrite rod) which has a passing resemblance to a Tesla Transformer. Not the Tesla Corporation associated with SpaceX launchings and electric cars but of Nikola Tesla, the genius whose work contributed greatly to the modern AC power supply distribution network. He also devoted much of his research in later life to the pursuit of ‘free energy’ and other fanciful Will-o’-the-wisp notions.

So if you think this might be a sound investment for your hard-earned money you can support a 3 kW generator (without ‘fuel’ and without grounding!) for just $ 5. On the other hand you may be feeling generous enough to pay $ 350 for a 4-kW generator (without ‘fuel’, but with grounding!). According to Yuri the first version may be delivered in December (?) and the last version in May 2018.

For all those power-industry moguls, unable to sleep since this technological breakthrough was announced, worried that it may be too disruptive to the present day energy supply infrastructure, Yuri has included a special offer: for $500,000 he promises to halt all further development work on his machine until 2030. So far there haven’t been any takers on that one.