With over 50 renowned partners around the globe, Baidu's Apollo Open Platform* is an open source self-driving vehicle tech platform. It provides a complete hardware and software service solution that includes cloud data services, software, vehicle and hardware platform. Baidu offers open source code and capabilities in obstacle perception, trajectory planning, vehicle control, vehicle operating systems, as well as a complete set of testing tools and other functions.

Why Autonomous Driving Cars?

The human behind the steering wheel is the weakest link in a moving car. Human errors such as drowsy driving, reckless driving, speeding, texting, drinking, or just generally being distracted behind the wheel can occur and autonomous cars can rectify all of the above and will never be fatigued. By limiting the human error factor, autonomous vehicles offer safer roads.

An autonomous vehicle will always observe speed limits offering smooth traffic flow (less braking/ accelerating) which is also more energy efficient and causes less pollution.

Making Open Source Autonomous Driving a Reality

Baidu's Apollo* brings autonomous driving closer to reality and Neousys was there from the beginning of July 2017 where the autonomous vehicle was capable in a restricted environment. By December 2017, the Apollo project moved onto simple suburban roads. From now till 2020, the aim is to bring open source autonomous vehicles utilizing the Apollo platform to normal road conditions, freeways and highways.

Neousys Technology GC series GPU Computing Platform

The implementation of the autonomous technology requires harmony of various technologies, software and hardware platforms. Neousys Technology's GC series GPU computing platforms (e.g. Nuvo-6108GC, Nuvo-5095GC series) serve as the central processing unit, providing Intel® 6th-Gen Core™ processor and NVIDIA graphics card up to 250W TDP for GPU-accelerated computing (inference). Neousys GPU computing platforms are capable of operating under 100% GPU load in 60°C ambient temperature, which proved to be vital when installed into an operating vehicle. It also features three COM ports, mini PCIe socket with front accessible SIM slot and a MezIO™ interface for application-specific I/O expansion.

It is Neousys' honor and pleasure to work with Baidu and contribute a piece of the puzzle with Nuvo-6108GC (Apollo 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 autonomous platform) and Nuvo-5095GC (Apollo 1.0) series. As GPU computing advances and is asserted into real-world applications, Neousys will focus on industrial-grade computer systems to accelerate the realization of intelligent lifestyle.

Neousys' GC series GPU computing platform is one of the world's first industrial-grade GPU computing computer with high-end NVIDIA® graphic cards and Intel® 6th-Gen Core™ processor. Featuring Neousys' patented thermal ventilation design and damping bracket, Neousys' GC series GPU Computing Platform can function under wide temperature settings ranging from -25℃ to 60℃ and operate in 5Grms/ 5-500 Hz vibration environments. It also accepts a wide range of power inputs from 8 to 35V DC and is fully tested for 24/ 7 operation in harsh environments.

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Baidu Apollo 3.0: last mile delivery robot (Source: Apollo Auto)

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