The Bikee Bike e-bike kit lets you convert your bicycle in 15 minutes to a maximum of 999-W-powered mountain climber with a torque of 120 Nm. A 58% grade should be a piece of cake, according to the designers.

On Kickstarter you will find the funding campaign for this electric motor for e-bikes, which is available in several power ratings (to satisfy the different legal requirements around the world). The specially-designed motor is mounted on the crack shaft at the bottom bracket. Or more accurately: it replaces the shaft and the front gears. The brushless motor operates at 48 V and the battery capacity is matched to the maximum power of the motor and guarantees an operating range of between 40 and 60 km at 100% usage of the motor (that is, without pedaling).

Entirely conforming to modern times, an app is supplied for a smartphone, which gives a status overview. The system has three operating modes which can still be changed, even after purchase: assist, “throttle” and “throttle override”. The latter offers you completely free use of the available power. The designers state that the motor is compatible with more than 90% of existing bicycles. The battery can be attached using the bottle holder mount points.


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