Best-of the BAY-ern [BoB] 11 – the latest tech news from Bavaria.

++<START>++ Finally, it’s September, just a few more days and it will be time for Munich’s most awaited – Oktoberfest! Bavaria, or should we just say the German innovation BAY–area is getting ready for the festivities and of course, the Bits & Pretzels! But before you start preparing your Lederhosen & Dirndl, it’s time for the latest tech news from Bavaria! ++<STOP>++ 
Latest tech news on e-scooters made Elektor nostalgic
++<START>++ E-scooters are now all around the Bavarian capital, Munich! Some say there are just too many e-scooters in the city now and are causing problems but to others it’s nostalgia (Elektorized)!  ++<STOP>++

BoB 11 - Productronica fast forward 2019, Munich, Bavaria
++<START>++ 91% of the start-ups from Elektor’s electronica fast forward 2016 are still alive after almost 3 years! Check out the new Start-up Guide 2018-19 by Elektor for more info on the future giants of the tech industry. And of course, excitement is on the rise for productronica fast forward 2019 in Munich this November! ++<STOP>++
++<START>++ Makerspace is a place where magic happens; a place where ideas are turned into reality and vision becomes tangible. Click to know more about the makerspaces in Bavaria and get ready to MAKE it happen! ++<STOP>++

++<START>++ Munich based 
med-tech start-up Inveox get a 17-million-euro Investment to take on the battle against cancer. The electronica fast forward 2018 finalist, founded in 2017, uses AI-supported automation system to speed up cancer diagnosis.  ++<STOP>++

++<START>++ Lastly, get ready to rock the stage with Munich based start-up, BraveYourself VR! Because Roby Stancel, the design thinking pioneer is now on board be help the innovative start-up and the Public Speaking training will soon be completed with design thinking approach. ++<STOP>++ 

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