Is your electronics workspace in need of some Spring cleaning? Do you have dozens of circuit boards stuffed in boxes or cluttering your workbench? We have a solution. In the "Declassified Bonus Edition" of Elektor magazine (March/April 2021), we present an interesting article that will inspire you to organize your circuit boards. Download Derek Runberg's (SparkFun) article, “DIY Circuit Board Organization,” for all the helpful details.
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Simplified Circuit Board Organization

Circuit boad organization does not need to be complicated. It can even be inexpensive! As Runberg explains, all you need is some Dual Lock reclosable fastener and a little creativity to bring some order to your home lab.
"Above my desk, I have drawer bins of all of my other components and under that is a set of monitors," Runberg writes. "There is a gap between the two that just screamed to be filled by something. I cut a short piece of floor molding from a previous project to length, added a full length of Dual Lock to the board and then screwed it to the wall in this gap. I then stuck all of my Qwiic boards to Dual Lock across the board. They were visible, accessible and within reach anytime I needed them."
DIY Circuit Board Organization
The finished and accessible Qwiic storage area.

Try this solution in your workspace or home lab. Once you clean things up and have things in order, consider sharing images of your workspace in the comments below this article. Good luck!

Declassified Bonus Edition: More to Come

Last week, we released the article, "Must-Haves for Your Electronics Workspace." Curious about all the other content Elektor and SparkFun have in store for you? In a week, we will present you with the next declassified article. Stay tuned! And be sure to check out all the SparkFun products we have in the Elektor Store.