Brainbox AVR is an enhanced Arduino platform developed by an electronics teacher as an educational board, but also suitable for hobby environments. No more cable spaghetti! Farewell all nasty connection problems with breadboards! Here all connections are made with rugged screw connections. Every input has its own 5-volt and GND connections. Four outputs supply up to 600 mA of current each, permitting four DC motors or a stepper motor to be driven directly. And much more...
This eductional board is based on the popular Arduino Leonardo with a powerful ATMEGA32 (16 MHz). It is compatible with existing Arduino shields and can be programmed with Arduino IDE.

Main Features

  • Solid screw connections; no breadboard required
  • Each GPIO pin has separate 5-V & GND connections
  • 4 x 600 mA power outputs
  • 2 servo connectors
  • Connector for HC06 Bluetooth module
  • I2C, RS232 & SPI connectors
  • Compatible with existing Arduino shields
  • Powered by USB or battery (6 V, 9 V, 12 V), external
  • Programmable with Arduino IDE, Flowcode, C & S4A

Brainbox Robot Kit

Also available in the Elektor STore is the kit of parts for experiments and making a robot  (Elektor Store # 160001-71) with the Brainbox AVR (this board is sold separately).