If you've completed a few Arduino projects and would like to improve your programming skills, join our live Elektor Academy course on September 8, 2022 at 7:00 PM Europe/Berlin! Register today to learn how to architect software and build reusable code. 
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Course Details: Building Better, Reusable Software for Arduino

Better, reusable software for Arduino is in your future! As course leader Stuart Cording explains, if you are making more complex applications by copying and pasting large sections of previously-written code, we probably need to chat about how best to architect software and build reusable code.
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"In this course, we start with a simple traffic light application that we wish to extend to support more traffic lights and even a pedestrian crossing," Cording notes. "We'll break the code down into application and hardware interaction so that you can see how your hard work can be used even on non-Arduino platforms. And, as always, the code used will be available on GitHub for you to review."

Before attending this course, we expect that:     
  • You already use Arduino or microcontrollers
  • You can install and use Arduino IDE
  • You can write and execute your own code
  • You can build a basic circuit
  • You understand C/C++ code 

Register for the Course

Register today for only €10! The in-depth course will be delivered as a walk-through with demonstrations of the examples covered. The code will be available on GitHub after the course. The link will be shared during the event. (Live Elektor Academy courses typically last between 60 and 90 minutes.)

Elektor will randomly select one lucky participant to win a free LilyPad Arduino!

Past Courses

In April, Elektor Academy offered a free course titled Debugging Techniques for Arduino. In the course, Cording presented helpful approaches to fixing your code. Watch the free video

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