No matter if you’re just starting out with PCB design and manufacturing, or if you're an accomplished engineer looking to expand your skills and repertoire: Elektor's brand new book Learning to Fly with Eagle v6 offers a comprehensive, accessible introduction to CadSoft’s hugely popular PCB design software package.


The book explains the functionalities of EAGLE’s main modules: Schematic Editor, Layout Editor and the Auto Router and provides guidelines for using its two Editor modules. After learning how to navigate these main modules, readers will go on to apply that knowledge to a variety of small projects while developing a better understanding of how EAGLE relates to each stage of PCB manufacture; culminating in a complete, design-to-fabrication project, the Enhanced Radiation Meter made popular by Elektor's own team of engineers.


“We at CadSoft are delighted with the release of this Getting Started guide which gives an introduction to the current EAGLE v6. Of course, we were more than happy to support this ambitious project and have provided the attached CD-ROM with the EAGLE download package for the first edition”, says Thomas Liratsch, General Manager at CadSoft.


Learning to Fly with Eagle v6 by Mitchell Duncan is now available from the Elektor webshop for just £29.50 / €34.50 / US $47.60.


ISBN 978-1-907920-20-2, 208 pages, full color, CD-ROM included.