COG: a new start to become even better

January 15, 2015 | 00:00
The IIOM takes into account other materials than electronic components.
The IIOM takes into account other materials than electronic components.
The Component Obsolescence Group (COG) will be called the International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) from now on. According to director Stuart Kelly, in order to become a truly international institute, a fresh start will position the organization even better than is the case today.

One of the main reasons to change names has to do with the fact that becoming an institute brings closer the goal of becoming a truly international knowledge centre for OM (obsolescence management). Also, the new name avoids using the word ‘component’, implying a broader scope than electronic components alone, thereby taking into account other materials that are subject to a obsolescence risk.

The new name brings with it several other new opportunities as well. Not only is the IIOM working on an Institute Certificate and an Institute Diploma, the institute also decided that from now on individuals can become IIOM member. From both perspectives, the IIOM will be able to underline its position as a knowledge centre.

Kelly hopes the broader scope of his institute translates itself into a broader exposure for the organization. The IIOM is already well-known in the UK and Germany. However, Kelly and his team are striving for more national chapters in order to create more international awareness regarding obsolescence risks. The preparation for a national chapter in the Benelux has already been set in motion.
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