Coming soon: "Here comes the Elektor Bus" webinar

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Coming soon: "Here comes the Elektor Bus" webinar
Coming soon: "Here comes the Elektor Bus" webinar

In the January 2011 issue of Elektor our German editor in chief Jens Nickel published a “What if…?” article about designing a data communication bus from scratch, asking the readers to send in their thoughts about and wishes for such a system. The ElektorBus was born and quickly acquired an impressive share of enthusiastic followers and participants. Ten more articles followed elaborating step by step fully functional bus hardware and a communications protocol. Even a software simulator for the PC saw the light.


Now with the hardware working and the comms protocol debugged it is time to look back on what has been achieved and how. Elektor Academy and element14 have teamed up to bring you this review as an exclusive webinar presented by Jens himself! Join us in this webinar, get first hand technical details from the project leader and enter into a debate on design and other technical aspects during the live Question & Answer session after the presentation.


Participation in this webinar is completely free! All you need to do is register via the link below.


Here comes The Elektor Bus
Date: Thursday 19 January 2012
Time: 15:00 GMT (16:00 CET)
Presenter: Jens Nickel (Elektor Germany)
Language: English


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