Elektor's new Expert Collection, The Complete Linear Audio Library, is a must-have for every audiophile passionate about audio engineering, instrumentation, and acoustics. Created in 2010 by world-renowned audio engineer Jan Didden, each Linear Audio "bookzine" covers a wide range of essential topics, such as tube amplifiers, solid-state equipment, loudspeaker design, and distortion measurement. With this Expert Collection, you get decades of audio engineering knowledge and insights packed in a single USB stick!
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The Library

The Complete Linear Audio Library is an essential technical resource for professional eningeers and serious audio enthusiasts alike. The compact USB stick includes:
  • All 14 volumes of Linear Audio (from 2010-2017)
  • Masterclass Video: Jan Didden't five-part video series, "Feedback in Audio Amplifiers"
  • Plus bonus material
The 14 volumes are packed with in-depth articles and tutorials from some of world's top audio engineers and innovators. Below is just a sample of what you will find the informative collection.
  • Jan Didden: "A Flexible 2/4/8 Channel Remote Level Control", "Realiser A8," and "Thermal Transient Variation of Power Amp Quiescent Current - Instrumentation and Findings"
  • Douglas Self: "Self-Improvement for Capacitors" and "A Low-Noise Preamplifier with Variable-Frequency Tone Controls"
  • Nelson Pass: "Static Induction Transistors," "The Arch Nemesis," and "SIT Nemesis"
  • Gary Galo: "RIAA Equalisation for Displacement-Sensitive Phono Cartridges" and "An Archival Phono Preamplifier"
  • Stan Curtis: "Component-Level Mutual Induction" and "Class D - An Audiophile's Dream?"
  • Burkhard Vogel: "A Poor Man's Measurement Amplifier" and "Challenging BJT Noise"
  • Hannes Allmaier: "The Ins and Outs of Turntable Dynamics" and "The High-Octane Phono Preamp"
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Jan Didden: The Man Behind Linear Audio

Didden spent most of his career working for the Netherlands Air Force and NATO, where he specialized in Air Defense and International Cooperative Logistics. As an audio innovator and enthusiast, he has completed numerous DIY projects, publications, and interviews, and he has one patent to his name. He launched Linear Audio in 2010 to help "spread technical audio information and knowledge in printed format." Today, engineers and audio enthusiasts refer to Linear Audio articles, as well as Didden's videos, as they pursue their personal and professional audio-related endeavors.