Crazy Summer Deal: Elektor’s Embedded Linux Board at 15% Off

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Crazy Summer Deal: Elektor’s Embedded Linux Board at 15% Off
Crazy Summer Deal: Elektor’s Embedded Linux Board at 15% Off

Irrespective of the weather, our Crazy Summer Deals are still as hot as ever! This week we’re offering one of our most popular, best-selling products of the last few years at a 15% discount!


A blockbuster project also in terms of reader response on our forums, the Elektor Linux Board is the perfect gateway to using Linux for your next microcontroller project. The board is specifically designed for beginners and cleverly avoids the previous issues many enthusiasts have had with expensive development boards and an overly complex operating system. It’s no wonder The Elektor Linux Board was so popular, even before our summertime offer!


Features of the Elektor Linux board:

• Two-layer board using readily-available components
• No special debugging or programming hardware required
• Fully bootable from an SD memory card
• Linux pre-installed
• 180 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 64 MB swap
• Integrated USB-to-RS-232 converter for console access
• Relay, external power supply, and pushbuttons for quick testing
• Four GPIO pins, 3 A/D channels and a PWM channel on-board
• I²C and SPI buses accessible from Linux
• USB interface for further expansion


With its simplicity and value-for-money, the Elektor Linux Board is an excellent way to wind down your summer and learn a new skillset at the same time. Once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ve got a wealth of Linux Board Extensions in the Elektor Store to challenge you.


As with our other Summer Deals, this offer will be available for seven days, from the August 13 until (and including) the August 19, limited to stocks. Don’t delay in securing your Embedded Linux Board with an unbelievable 15% discount! 

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