Are you familiar with Arduino, but find yourself struggling to build your own sketches or to successfully modify the examples you've found online? Elektor can help. Join the free live Elektor Academy course, "Debugging Techniques for Arduino," on April 28, 2022 (07:00 PM Europe/Berlin). 

Debugging Techniques for Arduino

Guided by Stuart Cording, an experienced embedded engineer and Elektor author, you will learn how a first-draft piece of code is debugged until it actually works. In "Debugging Techniques for Arduino," he will create an application that measures temperature using an I2C sensor. He will use basic techniques such as blinking an LED or toggling an I/O pin and outputting messages using the Serial.println() function. He will also offer a demonstration that introduces the Microchip Studio IDE and a hardware debugger. After taking the course, you will have an array of tips, hints, and approaches for methodically tracking down the bugs in your sketches until they are resolved.

The course will cover the the following:

  • What are software bugs?
  • Simple approaches to determine “Does my code work?”
  • Sniffs and smells
  • Code instrumentation – advantages and disadvantages
  • Brief intro to microcontroller debugging using a debugger


The course "Debugging Techniques for Arduino" is free and open to all students. We recommend the following prerequisites.

  • Know how to install and use the Arduino IDE.
  • Are able to build and execute example sketches.
  • Can modify a sketch to create your own application.
  • Understand C/C++ as used in Arduino.

Note: There are no practical exercises with this course. The course is delivered as a walk-through on how to debug a sketch. However, the code used in the course is available on GitHub for use as the basis of your own sketches.

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