DIL Module for USB-AVR controllers

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
DIL Module for USB-AVR controllers
DIL Module for USB-AVR controllers

The type AT32UC3B1256 32-bit microcontroller with 256 KB flash and 32 KB SRAM contains a full speed USB interface (12 MBit/s). Achieving clock speeds up to 60 MHz using the internal PLL, this Atmel controller comes in a 48 pin TQFP and QFN casing. Reusch Elektronik, Germany, successfully mounted this controller on a tiny board with the dimensions of a 40-pin dual-in-line socket. A 12 MHz crystal, 3.3 V voltage regulator, an ESD protected mini USB plug and a JTAG connector for programming and debugging are all included. Programming is also possible via a preloaded bootloader and the USB interface. All ports of the controller are available through the connector pins.


The ‘B1DIL’ module can be powered by USB or by an external voltage source. The free AVR32 Studio or the new AVR Studio 5.0 from Atmel are highly suitable as a development environment for C and assembler.


Also new is the USB-AVR module called ‘U6DIL’. This module has the dimensions of a 64 pin dual-in-line socket and contains an 8 bit AVR microcontroller type AT90USB1286. This controller contains 128 KB flash memory, 8 KB SRAM, 4 KB EEPROM and offers 48 ports. An ESD protected mini USB plug is also the connection to the personal computer. Together with the preloaded bootloader, the controller can be programmed by this way. An in-system-programming connector (compliant with Atmel standard) is present; JTAG is available over the port pins. The module comes with a replaceable 16 MHz crystal.


Other modules containing an AT90USB162, ATMEGA32U2 or ATMEGA32U4 are also available.


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