Drones were something of a novelty when they first appeared in our skies but now with their increasing levels of sophistication they can represent a serious threat to our privacy and even to commercial airspace. The company Aaronia has produced a new drone detection system able to track the high-frequency signals passing between the drone and its remote control unit. The system consists of an IsoLOG 3D antenna, a (remotely controllable) real-time SPECTRAN V5 spectrum analyzer and a plug-in for the RTSA software suite. The system provides seamless monitoring and recording around the clock with continuous data streaming (up to 4 TB/day).

Using the 16-sector IsoLOG-3D antenna it provides real-time directional RF coverage of the area with µW signal sensitivity. All of the sectors together make up a full 360° RF spectrum overview including a 360° image of the monitored area. This provides complete detection of all RF signals in the area. The system can be configured to generate an audible or optical alarm when critical signal thresholds are exceeded.

The Drone detection system speeds up signal detection time and provides very detailed information of the drone signals distribution patterns. The resulting system is flexible and can be used stand alone or combined with several other units to provide protection for larger areas such as a government building, military establishment or a sensitive industrial zone.

The increasing use of mini/micro drones presents a very real threat to public and commercial security interests. These types of drones are simple to make, low-cost, easy to fly and difficult to detect. In the wrong hands, their potential for misuse is clear and frightening. The drone detection system from Aaronia offers RF detection with µW sensitivity providing real-time spectral analysis to quickly identify the threat. The system can be rapidly deployed and is also modular and scalable so that it can be part of a larger network to identify, locate and track the movements of rogue UAVs over wider areas.
Technical specifications:
  • Long detection range (several kilometers).
  • Operates at night, in poor visibility and bad weather.
  • Detects ‘hidden’ drones (between buildings or amongst trees).
  • High resolution of signal-direction.
  • Position tracing of the drone’s remote control transmitter.
  • The system is mobile and takes just a few minutes to setup.
  • Full 360° scanning.
  • Intelligent signal assessment with automatic alarm.
  • Drone identification using so-called 3D-Trigger.