In January 2021, the Raspberry Pi Foundation took the world by surprise when they launched their own microcontroller, the RP2040, and a development board to go with it, the Raspberry Pi Pico. Why did they do that? And why this microcontroller? In this video, we will try to get an answer to these questions by asking them to Sir Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton.
Eben Upton and Nathan Sedile on Pico

At the same time, the American manufacturer SparkFun launched three RP2040-based development boards. Nathan Seidle, the founder of SparkFun, tells us a bit more about these boards.
  • Why did Raspberry Pi develop the Pico and RP2040?
  • What was their approach?
  • What engineering challenges did they encounter?
  • What are SparkFun's RP2040-based solutions?
  • What was involved in the engineering process?
  • Which sort of projects and products can webinar attendees develop with these innovative products?

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