High on the list of bestsellers in Elektor’s book portfolio is Controller Area Network Projects with ARM and Arduino. This book details the use of ARM Cortex-M family of processors and the Arduino Uno in practical CAN bus based projects.

Including a detailed introduction of the software, the author provides examples of popular hardware and software development kits that can be used to help simplify the embedded design cycle considerably and makes it easier to develop, debug and test a CAN bus based project. The architecture of the highly popular ARM Cortex-M processor type STM32F407VGT6 is described at a high level by considering its various modules. In addition, the use of the mikroC Pro for ARM and Arduino UNO CAN bus library of functions are described in detail.

This book is aimed at students, practising engineers, hobbyists and anyone else who may need to learn more about the CAN bus and its applications. It does, however, assume some knowledge of basic electronics, and knowledge of the C-programming language will be useful later on it the book.

Check out the free 44-page preview to ensure that this book is exactly what you want it to be.