Quite unintentionally a one-page story on an old Heathkit tube tester in the December 2004 edition of Elektor magazine spawned dozens of ‘Retronics’ tales appearing with a monthly cadence, and attracting a steady flow of reader feedback and contributions to the series. The best stories, covering vintage test equipment, prehistoric computers, long forgotten components, and Elektor blockbuster projects published between 2004 and 2012, have now finally found a place in a book written for the most part by Editor Jan Buiting.


Although vastly different in subject matter, all tales in the book are told with personal gusto because Retronics is about sentiment in electronics engineering, construction and repair, be it to reminisce about a 1960s Tektronix scope with a cleaning lady as a feature, or a 1928 PanSanitor box for dubious medical use. All stories aim to make engineers smile, sit up, object, drool, or experience a whiff of nostalgia.


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