Number 487, the 132-page edition of Elektor Magazine that kicks in the new year 2018 is out now for you to purchase. You can choose to get your copy in two ways:
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The article conspicuously featured in the front cover, our Bio-Light project, is bound to split the e-engineering community in two: believers and non-believers. Basically we attach sensors to a plant and perform micro-current measurements to determine the plant’s ‘feelings’ and, through clever electronics, permit it to express itself through a set of coloured lights in its pot. The electronics is half analogue half digital and the effect is such that we invite everyone to participate in a quest to unravel the secrets of plant wellbeing.

Also included in this edition is the Laser Time Writer — an upgrade of our popular Sand Clock which wrote time in a rather archaic way. Now we have moved to laser and self-adhesive phosphorescent film. Another LABs project included in the edition is Card Sound, which shows how high quality audio can be played back from files on a micro SD card. This ambitious project employs a fat STMicro microcontroller and a TDA7266 integrated audio amplifier and was designed to the renowned Elektor Audio Labs standards.

Another ex-LABs project included in this edition is the MicroTesla Music Synthesizer. Our previously published MicroTesla proved so fast and versatile that we decided to send simple music files to the sparks generator by MIDI and enjoy the buzzing melodies while watching the sparks in concert!

As well as these exciting projects, the January & February 2018 edition also boasts the usual Retronics story, this time on the Uher 4000L portable tape recorder, Projects like a Parking Assistant, Weather Station with no Moving Parts, USB Programming for the ESP8266, Solar Power for a Wi-Fi Repeater, a Wi-Fi Desktop Thermostat, Platform I/O, Arduino Experimenting Shield, LCD Connecting to an RPi. Feature articles this time include backgrounders on OLED displays, the EEbus, the CAN bus, and current loops.

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