Elektor’s 2013 Annual DVD Out Now

January 14, 2014 | 00:00
Elektor’s 2013 Annual DVD Out Now
Elektor’s 2013 Annual DVD Out Now

The time has come for us to release our annual Elektor DVD again, and we're very excited and proud to be bringing you every article featured in Elektor Magazine during 2013, including both of our double sized “jumbo” issues – all on one DVD!


All editorial articles from year volume 2013 are present in all languages: English, American, Spanish, Dutch, French and German. They are presented in the same layout as when they were initially published. A comprehensive search tool is provided to locate specific words in any article.


Aside from having every article of 2013 at your fingertips, the Elektor Annual DVD will also enable you to produce hard copies of PCB layouts at printer resolution, zoom in and out on specifically chosen PCB areas, and adapt PCB layouts using your favorite graphics program. This DVD will also allow you to export schematics and illustrations to other programs, making it the ideal companion for science projects in college or in the lab. There is even an HTML overview for MacOS and Linux users too!


To give you an idea of the quality and breadth of articles from Elektor’s 2013 volumes, here is just a small sample of some of the highlights you’ll have access to:


- Caught in the Ring Light
LED Ring Light for close-up camera work (January/February)

- 500 ppm LCR Meter  
The luxury of precision within everyone’s reach (March, April, Mmay, June)

- Pattern Lock
Shape recognition for access control (April)

- Embedded Firmware Library

Build microcontroller projects faster (May)

- Wi-Fi Controller Board
Control RGB LED strips, motors, relays & stuff, but no wires (June)

- Android ElektorCardioscope

Wireless, button-free: Bluetooth & touch screen (July & August)

- Q-Watt Audio Power Amplifier  

Lots of power with low distortion (September)

- XMEGA Web Server Board

Display, SD card, Ethernet, RS-485, buttons and LEDs (October)

- CAN Tester

With comprehensive features (November)

- UltiProp Clock
Time & date floating in the air (December).


Special Offer

Elektor GOLD Members already received their copy of the Elektor DVD 2013 with the January & February 2014 double edition. The DVD is available to everyone else straight from our web store. If you order your Elektor DVD 2013 before February 1, 2014, you grab a 20% discount!

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