Elektor T-Boards & Exclusive T-Shirt Now Available

August 19, 2014 | 08:40
Elektor T-Boards & Exclusive T-Shirt Now Available
Elektor T-Boards & Exclusive T-Shirt Now Available

In response to the limitations posed by fixed-design, Arduino-style boards, Elektor has designed three mini-development boards that give developers more flexibility while still hosting the microcontroller and its supporting components. We’re very excited to present the T-Boards!

T-Boards are breadboard-friendly PCBs designed for simple and swift microcontroller prototyping using an Atmel ATmega328, ATtiny24-44-84 and ATtiny25-45-85 microcontrollers.

Additionally, each T-Boards has an integrated 3.3V and 5V-selectable power supply, which assists in reducing the number of required jumper wires and allows for experimenting with lower power usage. Programming the microcontroller can be done in-circuit (ICSP).

There are three T-Board variants. Each is suited to a different type of microcontroller:

• T-Board 8: an 8-pin version supporting ATtiny13/25/45/85 Microcontrollers

• T-Board 14: a 14-pin version supporting ATtiny20/24/44/84/441/841 Microcontrollers

• T-Board 28: a 28-pin version supporting ATmega8/48/88/168/328 Microcontrollers

The T-Board 28 has two features not supported by the other variants:

• An FTDI connection: The ATtiny microcontrollers don’t have a hardware UART

• External Crystal header pins for an optional crystal

So, if you want to shake off the physical constraints of boards like the Arduino and take the next step in developing your own microcontroller-based boards, Elektor’s new T-Board is for you!

You can peruse the specifications of each of our T-Boards in the Elektor webshop, and download a free PDF that will show you just how quickly you can get up and running with the “Hello World” for microcontrollers – a blinking LED!

Special Offer!

Order all three T-Boards from the Elektor Store and you’ll also receive a limited edition T-Board T-Shirt featuring a unique design created by Elektor.POST editor, Jaime González-Arintero! 

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