Elektor's June 2012 Edition on Sale Now

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor's June 2012 Edition on Sale Now
Elektor's June 2012 Edition on Sale Now

Here is a video presentation of Elektor's June 2012 edition. This time Wisse pushes the limits of online technology even further by including a Skype session. Online online, just how virtual can you get? Also see how Wisse is brought back to reality after a surprising encounter with a few Nixie tubes.


Here is the table of contents for the latest edition of Elektor:


RL78 Green Energy Challenge
Nixie Thermometer / Hygrometer
Preamplifier 2012 (3)
Flexible Stepper Motor Driver
Embedded Linux made Easy (2)
Computer-driven Heliostat
Summer preps full steam
E-Labs Inside section
Stabistor: zener in reverse
E-Labs Inside section
Echoes from BOB
E-Labs Inside section
Dual Hot-wire Anemometer
AVR Software Defined Radio (4)
Platino Controlled by LabVIEW (2)
Electronics for Starters (6)
PIC Programmer for Emergencies
2-Wire Interface for Illuminated Pushbuttons
Component Tips: MOSFETs + Extras (2) || BTS432E2
Retronics: Intersil IM6100 Vintage Dev Kit
Hexadoku, June 2012



The June 2012 edition is on sale now in our web shop and in your local bookshop or newsstand.

Elektor PLUS members can download their digital copy from the Elektor Plus website (third link below).

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