Computer and watch manufacturer Casio has presented an Android Wear smartwatch at the CES in Chicago. The WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch is very sturdy and highly energy efficient thanks to a dual LCD.
The main drawback of current smartwatches is short battery life – most of them must be recharged at least once a day. Casio tackled this issue by building the watch with two LCD screens stacked on top of each other – one monochrome and the other color. When no app is running on the smartwatch, the color screen is switched off and the time is displayed on the monochrome screen. Casio claims that this reduces power consumption so much that the smartwatch can run for a month in watch mode from a single charge.
The WSD-F10 is equipped with a large number of sensors, including a barometer/altimeter, an acceleration sensor, a gyroscope and a compass sensor. The case is MIL-810 certified, which means it meets military standards for impact and fall resistance. The watch is expected to be available starting in April, with a price in the $500 range.