Tension to the last minute. The jury has decided! On Friday 16 November 2018 at 12.00 Don Akkermans presented the winners of the Fast Forward Award 2018. Previously seven finalists had competed against each other in short presentations in order to win the coveted prizes with a total value of 150.000 euros.
Don Akkermans, Elektor's CEO, on the awards ceremony stage.


The 3rd prize goes to Querom Elektronik GmbH for their tailor-made power electronics solutions in the field of electromobility. Thomas Schulz from Querom is flanked by Clemens Valens (Elektor) and Dr Martin Lechner (Messe München).

On we go with the second prize. This goes to the company Wizama, which calls itself "Magical Boards Factory". And that's exactly what her competition entry has to do with: it's an interactive board game console with an ecosystem of connected objects.

And then we are at the winner of the main prize: Markus Strecker from Teiimo GmbH accepts the 1st Prize for an innovative textile system consisting of sensors, conductors and electronics for measuring and transmitting body and position data.
A honorable mention goes to the Cocktail-Mix-Machine we already introduced, which can produce more than 60 cocktails automatically.