On June 20, Silicon Valley startup Rigetti Quantum Computing Inc. opened its own wafer fab, dubbed Fab-1, for quantum computing circuits. Fab-1 is located in Fremont CA. Ahead of any real products for quantum computing, Rigetti announced the availability of Forest 1.0, “an application programming interface to an execution environment for quantum/classical computing.” In plain words: an API for quantum computing in the cloud.

Forest can be used to simulate how algorithms will work on up to 30 qubits through a virtual machine running in the cloud.

In terms of near-tangibles, Rigetti claims it has developed both superconducting through-silicon vias (TSVs), and a low-temperature bonding for 3D integration.
Earlier, Rigetti demonstrated a two-qubit gate scheme based on direct parametric modulation of qubit frequencies, and an 8-qubit device. Both devices were fabricated on traditional high-resistivity silicon substrates.