The Elektor Forum is due for closing shortly. For some hard-core users that is not nice, but unfortunately it is reality. Although the forum has been a permanent part of the Elektor universe for many years, it has not had our focus for some time now and the number of active users has been decreasing over time. In terms of content, this was perfectly compensated by a number of enthusiastic moderators and editors. However, now that the technical infrastructure is also due for replacement to guarantee the security of data, the investment does not outweigh the decreasing use of the forum. 

The interaction between electronics enthusiasts is increasingly taking place on the Elektor Labs website and we encourage everyone to become a part of this lively community. Visit the Elektor Labs site today to post electronics projects, collaborate with other designers, and discuss engineering solutions. 

We express our sincere thanks to everyone having contributed to the Elektor Forum over the past years.