Discover how Arduino and industrial control blend together with Arduino Opta PLCs! The webinar below provides an overview of the Arduino Opta family, emphasizing its role in industrial applications. Arduino’s intent is to bring their famous user-friendly approach to the PLC market. The Opta PLCs are designed for Industry 4.0, featuring industrial IoT capabilities, UL, CE, and FCC certifications, and robust hardware specifications.

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The webinar details the technical aspects of the Opta PLCs, including their high-performance STM32H7 microcontroller, inputs and outputs and other features. Francesca discusses the three variants of Opta PLCs, which include features like Ethernet ports, Modbus RTU, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. These features enable a range of applications from basic to complex industrial tasks, supporting both TCP/IP and fieldbus protocols.

Then, the video highlights the ease of programming the Opta PLCs using the familiar Arduino IDE and the PLC IDE. Francesca demonstrates how the PLCs can be programmed using Arduino language, making use of existing libraries and open-source resources. The integration with Arduino Cloud allows for remote control, monitoring, and data visualization through user-friendly dashboards.

Finally, the video shows the upcoming expansion modules for the Opta PLCs, designed to extend the system's input/output capabilities, and shows the ease of configuring these expansions using both the Arduino IDE and the PLC IDE. Overall, the webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to the Arduino Opta PLC family. Watch the video below:

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