The American company Zero Zero Robotics has developed a hovering camera that uses face recognition to follow the user. The Hover Camera is equipped with two cameras, can be folded up, is made from very strong carbon fiber, and weighs just 240 grams.
You might wonder what the difference is between a drone with a camera and a hover camera. The main difference is that a drone has to be steered, but a hover camera navigates on its own. You switch it on and let it go, and it hovers around you making videos with its integrated 13 megapixel camera. A separate camera takes pictures of the ground for orientation. The Hover Camera determines its position using an accelerometer and a gyroscope.
The ultimate version will have a panoramic scan mode so it can detect all the faces in its vicinity. The pictures are sent to the smartphone of the Hover Camera owner, who can select a person to be followed by the camera. The Hover Camera will be priced between 500 and 1,000 dollars.