Wouldn’t it be nice to design a synchronous buck converter (SBC) from the Ground J up with a tool ‘packing’ the entire system in a set of equations? Once done, by manipulating these equations you can gain an in-depth understanding of the system extents and limitations.

Losses and efficiency is what you should keep an eye on and the model does great is this respect because it can output fine graphs of the type the sales staff and CEO can understand. Like a 3D graph showing the losses as a function of frequency and current? A very clear view of the performance of the system is emerging with deep understanding of all the losses under different conditions of current and switching frequency. Be honest, it’s far more sexy than the main equations involved, like:

The choice of the switching is crucial in determining the PCB area, component size and overall efficiency of the power supply. The model handles that puzzle also, using a graph as the visual output. The full description of the SMPSU model is found here.