Trinamic exhibited at Embedded World 2020, where it showcased its latest generation of motor drivers. Elektor's Clemens Valens interviewed Trinamic CEO Michael Randt about the Hamburg, Germany-based company’s motion control technology, new technology, and his technical background.
Watch the full interview from the Embedded World 2020 event in Nuremberg, Germany. 

Motion Control Technology

At the event, Trinamic demonstrated gave away free boards and, of course, demonstrated some of its technology. For instance, staffers were on hand to educate attendees about the TMC4671 FOC servo controller IC, which can be used for controlling BLDC, DC, and stepper motors.
Randt also talked about Trinamic’s interest in RISV-V. The company is currently working on silicon for an integrated motor driver that has a RISC-V core, he revealed.

“A lot of big companies are doing a great job in producing microcontrollers,” Randt noted. “But what we will do is we will embed programmable cores with memory into our motor drivers.”  

Trinamic is working on such a product. “We like this open-source idea, and we like the momentum that’s behind it," he said. "So we really love RISC-V.”

Years of Innovation

In the wrap-up, Valens mentioned Elektor’s 50th anniversary in Germany. In response, Randt reflected fondly on his early days an innovator and electronics enthusiast. 
Trinamic Motion Control Technology at Embedded World 2020
Clemens Valens interviews Trinamic CEO Michael Randt

“It makes me think back when I was a kid,” he said. “Of course, I was basically soldering a lot of things and already buying Elektor,” he mentioned, adding that his first projects were audio amplifiers and designs built around the 555 timer IC.
“The first real computer I had, that I used, was a Junior Computer from Elektor,” he recalled. “So, that was basically an important experience for me.”
Want to know more information about Trinamic? Visit the company’s website for additional details.