It’s here! Elektor 1K + 1 (1001) Circuits on CD-ROM

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
It’s here! Elektor 1K + 1 (1001) Circuits on CD-ROM
It’s here! Elektor 1K + 1 (1001) Circuits on CD-ROM

The title of this new Elektor CD-ROM should not be taken too seriously and is analogous to our famous ‘30x’ Circuits books. For sure, the new CDt contains a compilation circuits, ideas, tips and tricks from the 2001–2010 Summer Circuits editions of Elektor magazine, but hey, those add up to well over 1001. Many articles contain not only the complete article text, but also parts lists and printed circuit board layouts reproduced at full size.


The articles are grouped alphabetically in 9 sections:

- audio & video

- computer & microcontroller

- hobby & modelling

- home & garden

- high frequency

- power supplies

- robotics

- test & measurement

- miscellaneous


The contents of this CD-ROM may be read and printed on all computer platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS) using Adobe Reader version 6 or higher (version 9.3 for Windows XP is included).


TIP: Order this CD-ROM along with other Elektor products and get free shipping on the whole order!

Offer valid through August 11, 2011.

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