Microduino, a Micro Arduino

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Microduino, a Micro Arduino
Microduino, a Micro Arduino

The popularity of the Arduino platform and its open source philosophy has given rise to a growing number of clones. Some from the Far East copy the original format while others marketed by companies with Arduino derived names take the original concept and add something more into the mix.


One of the neatest, currently pitching their idea on Kickstarter is the Microduino. The developers have standardized the board format to 1” x 1.1”. Connections come out to rows of turned-pin SIL socket strips along three edges of the PCB so that each board stacks on top of another. If Lego had designed the original Arduino this is what they would have come up with.


For example, to make the classic Arduino Uno take a Microduino core (containing the processor) and stack an FT232R board on top to give it USB2TTL capability. Other modules offer GPS, OLED display, 2.4 GHz RF link, the list goes on. Extension boards are also available which shift the 27 connections sideways so that you can start another stack next to the first.


The modular approach makes the system ideal for swiftly implementing a design idea, the large pool of Arduino libraries will help get your prototype up and running in no time.

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