Real men fly drones that produce, ermm, a droning sound, not whizzing. The M600 from DJI (officially: Matrice 600) is a heavy lifter and easily does 1080p / 60 fps video downlinking over a distance of up to three miles. Apart from the cinema industry, the  MJ600 should appeal to industrial-grade customers looking to execute high-risk work like inspecting offshore oil rigs. The M600 is available now and costs only $4K599. Fight time is dependent on load: with a lighter camera from the Zenmuse line, the new drone can stay on the air for 35 minutes.

Also from DJI, the new $1K599 Ronin-MX is the first universal aerial gimbal the company has made. It allows a wide range of compatible cameras to be attached like Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, RED, Sony, and Nikon. The MX can fly for 15 minutes with a 13.2-pound payload. Remarkably it enables the camera to rotate 360 degrees endlessly – that’s right, the camera won’t lock into place after a full rotation so dizzy spectators guaranteed when you show the video.