The Munich-based startup Mr Beam Lasers is a pioneer in the market of desktop laser cutters. A user-friendly tool in elegant design provides an introduction to the digital manufacturing and supports the trend of customization.

Since industrially used machines are on the one hand too expensive and on the other - too complicated to operate, Mr Beam has developed a laser cutter which is functionally versatile and easy to understand. The goal is to introduce laser cutters as consumer electronics for homes, as well as ensure that the device becomes indispensable at schools, design and engineering bureaus. The latest product - Mr Beam II was launched in mid-2018. It is a compact laser cutter that fits on any desk having dimensions of just 724 x 538 x 175 mm. Operation is via a user-friendly web application and can be controlled platform-independent via Windows, Linux or MacOS. Thanks to integrated WLAN or LAN, the laser cutter can be effortlessly added into the existing network.

In order to cut materials one would need a vector file (e.g., DXF or SVG) which can be created in any popular graphics program: Illustrator, Corel, Inkscape and the like. For engraving, pixel graphics like JPG or PNG is enough. Camera, integrated in the lid, ensures precise material alignment.

Light of the laser beam is with 450nm in the visible range which allows to work best with organic materials. As materials react differently to the laser beam, not all of those suitable for engraving can be cut, and vice versa. For example plywood, leather, kraftplex, paper can be cut while anodized aluminum or mirror glass only engraved. A broader materials overview can be found on the website.

Mr Beam II is a laser class I device. Thanks to a completely enclosed housing and numerous safety functions it is safe to use at home or in the office. In order to perform laser jobs indoors, Mr Beam II can be either connected to an existing exhaust system or to an additionally available Mr Beam Air Filter System. All unpleasant odors generated during the laser job are completely filtered out of the exhaust air.
If you want to experience the laser cutter in action, there is an open day every first Wednesday of the month in the Munich office. There, the Mr Beam II laser cutter can be viewed live and tested. A registration would be needed in advance via