Musical Serendipity

March 2, 2016 | 15:00
I have spoken here of the tendency to use obscure terminology, devoid of any common references, for the functions of new synthesiser modules. On the other hand, the facade of a module with apparently trivial functions can hide literally unheard resources, for example in the case of the Tea Kick (entirely assembled by hand in Brno by the Czech constructor Bastl) seems to be a good electronic drum module, with remarkable sounds of skin percussion instruments, but that is not all: its double-T oscillators - which produce very realistic sounds - can also be used in unconventional configurations to produce some interesting experimental sounds. The trick is to have the patience “not to seek, but to find” as Picasso once said. It’s necessary to play with the (de-)setting of the tuning and the control voltage input, as well as the resonance control, crucial here as it’s this that makes the filter oscillate and turns it into a VCO.

Another clever trick of this Bastl module is the addition into the sound mix of a click generator with variable frequency. This colours the attack and resonance of the drum sound obtained, much as the choice of sticks will affect the sound of a drum. I nearly forgot: the new Bastl offerings (a non-linear sequencer and 2 clever modules to use foot pedals) are presented here:
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