Elektor's Network Connected Signal Analyzer

February 16, 2016 | 12:31
Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and signal generator in one
Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and signal generator in one
This inexpensive Network Connected Signal Analyzer (NCSA) adds a simple oscilloscope, basic signal generation and spectrum analysis to your workbench, using the processing power of a PC to process the data captured by the instrument. This design provides electrical engineering and computer science students a means to study and develop a practical understanding of the capabilities and limitations of sampled data systems. Once connected over Ethernet to a PC that provides the display and the controls, the NCSA allows you to digitize signals using variable sampling rates up to 1 MHz. The digitized signals are displayed in an oscilloscope like format. The user can also employ the application’s Spectrum Analyzer to generate a frequency-domain power spectrum. The sampling and Fourier Transform variables are adjustable by the user. The user interface has extensive interactive graphic capabilities, and the controls are intuitive. Other capabilities are also included as an analog signal g...

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