NEW: 60-page Arduino Special including Arduino Uno for only €24.95

July 14, 2016 | 07:00
Make: Arduino Special (Arduino Uno included)
Make: Arduino Special (Arduino Uno included)
From the creators of MAKE Magazine comes a new 60-page Arduino special, sold together with an original Arduino Uno for only €24.95. For a limited time (as part of our Cool Summer Deals), this great bundle comes to you even cheaper. You pay only €21.95 (£18.95 / US $25) if you order before July 20, 2016 0:00 CEST.

After a brief introduction to the main hardware features of the Arduino and the installation and operation of the software, leading MAKE Germany author Maik Schmidt gives a step-by-step introduction to the programming practice without page-long theoretical outpourings and unnecessary descriptions.

You will learn how to translate sketches, fit libraries, make LEDs flash, read digital and analog input states, work with sensors, drive motors, remotely control a mini-displays or a TV, and generate tones.

For advanced readers, there is a chapter focusing on the Firmata protocol through which a PC can control the input and output from the Arduino directly, uploading new sketches each time.

There are instructions for each project, and the practical projects include a noise level meter with traffic lights, how to use the TV as a display for battery voltages, a thermometer with OLED or a servo-controlled pointer display, a synthesizer, and much more.
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