As far as Arduino users are concerned the disagreement that made the Arduino development team split into two entities .CC and .ORG is finally over with the introduction of version 1.8.0 of the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Up to this version users needed to install two IDEs on their computer – v1.6 and v1.7 – to support all the ‘official’ Arduino boards available; version 1.8.0 (and up) knows them all.

All? Officially yes, but not in reality. Since the split both Arduino camps have continued developing boards supported by their respective IDE. Development of the IDE however advanced much faster in the v1.6 .CC branch than in the v1.7 .ORG branch that for instance never managed to support third-party boards in a user-friendly way. As a result the new v1.8 is based on the .CC branch to which the .ORG boards were added. Some of the more exotic .ORG boards like the Due, Tian or the Primo did not make it into the release of v1.8.0 but maybe they will show up in future releases?

Support of v1.7 has been stopped, so you better hope you don't run into problems with your brandnew Arduino Tian.