Smart modules are coming together with massive cloud computing and processing power that, thanks to wireless connectivity, can be accessed wherever it is needed thereby empowering IoT applications, removing technical limitations and accelerating time to market. Smart modules are a further piece in the IoT puzzle that simplifies and speeds up deployments. By providing the ability to perform multiple tasks in a single module, the need to develop and then integrate function-specific modules into an IoT device is reduced.

Quectel’s latest white paper ‘Why smart modules simplify development, speed time to market and make hyperscale IoT a reality’ explores the attributes of a smart module, detailing the capabilities, advantages and benefits of smart modules that can perform multiple functions compared to modules that can only carry out one discrete function. The white paper sets out the use cases for smart modules, highlighting how they help power AIoT, the artificial intelligence of IoT. The white paper also reveals Quectel’s comprehensive range of smart modules, sharing their attributes to help readers specify smart modules for their next project.

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