Now available: Universal USB/RS485 Converter

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Now available: Universal USB/RS485 Converter
Now available: Universal USB/RS485 Converter

The series of articles about the Elektor Bus is attracting many readers interested in the design and further developments of the system. In the June 2011 edition of Elektor we a couple of circuits were suggested that hopefully lead on to your first experiments with the Elektor bus and the associated protocol now being developed.

One of the circuits proposed in the June 2011 edition is a universal USB/RS485 converter that allows the Elektor bus to be linked to a PC. Although the converter is a very simple concept indeed, it does employ SMD ICs (notably the FTDI FT232L) that are hard to solder by hand. So we decided to make this converter available as a ready built and tested module at an attractive price.

One side of the USB/RS485 converter is fitted with type-B USB connector for connection to the computer. At the other side you’ll find a three-way PCB terminal block where the RS485 signals and ground get connected. The circuit is powered from the USB connection. The dimensions of the PCB are modest at 44 x 20 mm, making it the most compact USB/RS485 converter published in Elektor to date.

The Elektor USB/RS485-converter is available now at £ 22.20 plus postage under order number 110258-91. 

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