The pi-top is a very successful upgrade for your Raspberry Pi. It turns a Raspberry Pi into a laptop and it can be extended by custom PCBs, so it is the ideal platform for Makers. It runs a special version of the Raspbian operating system, called pi-topOS.

Recently the creators of the pi-top announced a new version of pi-topOS and we recommend that you update your system, since the new version has many improvements:

  • Includes all of the benefits of the brand new Raspbian release (2016-09-23)
  • Smoother transitions between dashboard and desktop modes
  • Improved configuration wizard and dashboard tour
  • pi-topCODER now fetches online worksheets (which will be updated and expanded) - these can be stored locally, so you can access them anywhere!
  • Updated pi-top hardware interaction
  • OS stability and usability improvements
  • CEEDUniverse has lots of new features - the whole world and menus have been redesigned and there are several new mini-games to check out!

You can find out more information and download the new pi-topOS here:

We talked to Jon from pi-top about their products at Maker Faire Berlin: