Three new products were recently announced by Raspberry Pi: the Pico H, the Pico W and the Pico WH. By far the most exciting new product is the Pico W, which comes with wireless LAN. 

Go Wireless With the Pico W

The Pico H is a Pico board with headers pre-mounted instead of classy gold-plated castellated solder contacts. It also has a new, tiny debug connector.

The most exciting new product surely is the Pico-W. Here the ‘W’ indicates ‘Wireless’. This board is a Pico board with a wireless LAN module added to it. This module is based on an Infineon CYW43439 chip featuring both IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 5.2 but only wireless LAN (meaning Wi-Fi for most people) is supported by the Pico W. So, no Bluetooth yet, maybe in a future version? As it is expected to retail for around €6, it is a very interesting Wi-Fi-capable microcontroller board indeed. 

Raspberry Pi Pico W

What About the Pico WH?

The third product announcement concerns the Pico WH, which is a Pico-W with headers. Even though it was announced this week, it will probably not be available before September 2022.


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